It is hard to find a girl who doesn’t go weak at the knees when presented with a beautiful designer handbag. Reports show that the sale of handbags has grown twice that of clothes in the past few years, and studies have found that women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other good. So why is it that that we have such a love affair with this luxury arm candy?

Firstly it is the quality. Made with exquisite materials and created by the most skilled craftsmen and designers, these Holy Grail bags have such longevity; they will be as good as new for decades to come. A high quality bag simply looks better, smells better, feels better, and lasts better.

Secondly it is the way it makes us feel. When carrying an iconic handbag, a feeling of self-confidence oozes out of us. Even if we are having a bad hair day, a fat day, a spotty day, our bag will still look fabulous, and make us feel fabulous. Having a gorgeous Prada, Chanel or Dior bag dangling from the crook of our arm can make an entire outfit, upgrading a simple dress to an entirely new level. Sporting an It-Bag also tells other people that you are sophisticated, you have good taste, and you care about quality.

Handbags are not just a means of transporting our daily survival kit around the urban jungle, they make us stand out from the crowd, they make us feel good, and they give us great joy each time they are pulled out of their dust bag.